Board of Directors

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Owner, Paul Montague Tax Preparation, LLC
Why the Library: 
"Libraries hold our collective knowledge and wisdom and make it available to anyone, regardless of race, color, creed, background or place in society. Through that knowledge and wisdom, new opportunities, new careers and new ideas are formed that help us build new futures."
Business Owner
Why the Library: 
"The education that all are entitled to becomes a reality at the Library with its endless resources, a world of information, and an inclusive setting for everyone at every level.  How could it not be the Library?"
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Branch Manager, Columbia Bank - Salmon Creek
Why the Library: 
"Libraries have always been a constant in my life.  The libraries of my childhood were always the heart of the school and the public library was where I went with my Mom.  In high school my Librarian introduced me to Science Fiction/ Fantasy and Mr. Tolkien, who taught me that “not all those who wander are lost”.  The library was my first volunteer opportunity and also my first job.  As an FVRL Foundation Board member I hope to provide support to an institution that has been an inspiration to me and so many others."
Commercial Relationship Manager, OnPoint Community Credit Union
Why the Library: 
"Ensuring that the children in our community have access to books and programs is essential to their development.  When my children were growing up, we spent hours reading and going to the library as they learned and explored new worlds.  My hope is that all the children of Clark County have the opportunity to read the books that will open their minds as they become members of the community.  We have some of the best libraries in the country and that does not happen without a lot of work and dedication by staff, volunteers, and generous donors."
AVP/Store Manager - Vancouver-International location of Umpqua Bank
Why the Library: 
“I am an avid reader and as a child into my adulthood it is not uncommon that I am reading several books at once. The library has always been a respite for me and I always feel safe and cozy inside those walls. When I started volunteering for FVRL, arranging and stacking books for a sale, I knew I had to be involved with the library directly again. In the library, anything is possible. Love, hope, equality, peace, justice….it’s all in there.”
Owner, Ultimate Truck Service
Why the Library: 
"Literacy has been a passion of mine as long as I can remember, starting when I was quite young and the Library bookmobile would come to my community in the summertime. I couldn't wait for my next adventure in the books, because when I was reading, I could escape my responsibilities for a while and go on an adventure. I still do this today and wish this for everyone!  The Library is a great conduit to reach the most people and make the biggest impact in the community. "
Community Member - Retired Educator
Why the Library: 
"As a retired educator, I believe books have the power to add to the collective knowledge of our society.  They provide an eye to the world and its endless possibilities too many people, especially the youth of our community.”
Marketing Manager, iQ Credit Union
Why the Library: 
"A library is a link to a whole new world - actually, hundreds of worlds and adventures and histories and how-tos. I spent hours lost in the stacks of a library as a kid and still get lost inside a story any chance I get. The sense of majesty and mystery and connectedness one feels inside a library is hard to replicate anywhere else. Being able to help grow vibrant, inclusive libraries is a blessing!"
Community Member - Educator
Why the Library: 
"The library has always been a place of calm for me...a kind of sanctuary.  It’s where I studied in school, it’s where I could always find the children’s literature I needed while teaching, where I could ask a librarian about anything, where I’d take my kids for story time wherever we lived.  The library is inclusive and it’s all about community.  It’s a gift that has given me many hours of inspiration and delight...for all the time the library has given me, it’s time to give back to it!"